BBL/Moxi Stack Review

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Website Celeste Medical

Campaign Goal:

Promote our client's newest laser treatment: BBL/Moxi stack. The Moxi and BBL Stack combine two laser treatments to rejuvenate facial skin, targeting fine lines, age spots, scarring, texture, and pigmentation. All ages/skin types are suitable for this treatment with flawless results. Treatment is Thursday 2nd May at 2:45pm in Celeste Medical Douglas, Cork.

Content Inspo:

We would like you to take our audience on your journey and show them your experience with the treatment - "a come along with me to Celeste Medical video"/ "come get BBL/Moxi with me"

Aspect Ratio:



10-90 seconds but as much content as possible



Do's & Dont's:

As professional as possible. We want to encourage people to book a consultation as the call to action

Project Specifics:

Dark purple/lilac text for captions/headings where possible

Deadline: Content day is Thursday 2nd May at 2:45pm and content due 13th May

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