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Website Naked Glow

Campaign Goal:

Unbox and Glow Your passport to gorgeous glowing skin this summer - TikTok Campaign for Glow Stix by Naked Glow.

Campaign Name:Unbox and Glow

Product: Glow Stix by Naked Glow
Objective: Generate buzz and increase brand awareness for the new Glow Stix by leveraging the creativity and reach of TikTok creators. The goal is to create authentic, engaging unboxing videos that highlight the features and benefits of Glow Stix.
Product Launch: 25.06.24

Content Inspo:

Tone and Style:
- Fun, energetic, and authentic
- Reflect your personal style while aligning with Naked Glow's brand image

Aspect Ratio:

9:16 TikTok


- Length: 60 seconds +



Do's & Dont's:

Video Concept:
1. Introduction:
- Start with an engaging hook (e.g., "Look what just arrived!").
- Introduce Naked Glow and the Glow Stix.
2. Unboxing:
- Show the packaging and the product in detail.
- Highlight key features and benefits (e.g., vibrant colors, ease of use, long-lasting glow).
3. Demonstration:
- Demonstrate how to use Glow Stix.
- Showcase the glow effect in different lighting conditions.
4. Personal Touch:
- Share your initial impressions and excitement.
- Add a personal story or anecdote about how you plan to use Glow Stix.
5. Call to Action:
- Encourage viewers to check out Naked Glow's website.
- Include a unique discount code or link (provided by Naked Glow).

Project Specifics:

Campaign Goals
- Awareness: Reach a broad audience and introduce them to Glow Stix.
- Engagement: Encourage likes, comments, shares, and user-generated content.
- Conversions: Drive traffic to our website and increase sales.

Video Specifications:
- Length: 60 seconds +

- Orientation: Vertical
- Format: High resolution, good lighting
- Include relevant hashtags: #UnboxAndGlow, #NakedGlow, #GlowStix
- Mention Naked Glow's TikTok handle: @NakedGlow

Product Delivery:
- Glow Stix will be shipped to creators by 21st June 2024

- Creators will receive a complimentary Glow Stix package. (Including discount for them and their followers)
- Additional compensation: option to work with the brand on paid collabs after the campaign.

Deadline: Glow Stix will be shipped to creators by 21st June 2024 with launch on 25th June with reviewed required 22nd-25th June 2024

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