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Skin Barrier Supportive Skincare

Campaign Goal:

We are seeking a content creator to create aesthetic, lifestyle content for Sásta Skin Health. We are a skin health brand with a mission to share education on skin health & our microbiome.
Our serum is suitable for every skin type and can fit into any skincare routine so we want to showcase how versatile it can be.
We want to showcase how people use it in their routines, how they apply etc.
We are a really small business and we are as authentic as we can be, so we want our content to portray this also.

Content Inspo:

We take a holistic approach when it comes to skin health, our serum is one part of the puzzle when it comes to optimal health. We believe minding our overall wellness, fitness, gut health & mental health are important. We also do not believe in perfect, flawless skin, it truly does not exist. We embrace a natural minimal approach.
Sásta in Irish means "happy/contented". Share glimmers (the tiny moments of spark & joy in your day that spark joy & inner calm, glimmers have a positive effect on our health, our body respond with positive energy & they increase our wellbeing.
Daily routine with Sásta - how do you spend your morning? Nourishing your skin with Sásta, nutritious food, exercise, meditation?
Night time wind down routine - what are your priorities before sleep?

Aspect Ratio:

Instagram Reel/TikTok 9x16


Minimum 20-30 seconds, no more than 90 seconds


Instagram/Tik Tok

Do's & Dont's:

Emphasise that the product is travel friendly & how important it is to prep your skin
before the sun
2. Use it after cleansing, before any other products
3. How to use: Use 2-3 drops of serum and apply to your face and neck after
cleansing. Follow with desired serums, moisturiser, SPF if applicable.

1. Include Micellar Water water in your routine
2. We do not want a video that is 100% faceless.

Project Specifics:

The type of videos to showcase the product would be GRWM / Skincare routine (AM or PM)
Sound: Talking to camera or voiceovers are accepted.
Showcase how you use the serum in your own personal skincare routine
1. Using the serum after cleansing before applying other products
2. Explaining why the serum is applied before any other product: Before leaving the house every morning, our skin is exposed to at least 126 chemicals from things like cosmetics, food, cleaning supplies and pollution. These chemicals can disrupt the natural balance of our skin barrier. Applying Sásta onto your skin helps to protect your skin barrier from becoming disrupted.
3. When it comes to applying the serum, it should be showcased further - showing the bottle, the dropper, the texture, and then application while promoting the key benefits.
Key benefits:
A unique formulation of prebiotics and postbiotics to repair your skin barrier by:
1. reducing inflammation and redness
2. Instantly boosting hydration
3. Reducing sensitivity
4. Decrease the signs of premature ageing
5. Balance the skin's pH levels
We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

Budget: Looking for someone to create this content on a gifted basis.

2-3 weeks after receiving the product. We want you to use the serum, and genuinely like it before creating content with it.

Deadline: August

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