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Harness the power of Crystal Amulets

Campaign Goal:

To create awareness of our crystal jewellery brand in the marketplace, show how wearing crystals against your skin can have a positive impact on your life , demonstrating the deep emotional connection you can have with your crystal amulet. The style that suits our brand message is authenticity, showing the unique features of the crystal being worn , hearing about how it makes you feel.

Content Inspo:

The content created must have a strong visual hook, it must trigger attention from the viewer and cause intrigue. It is essential to ensure we drive the user through to a call to action at the end of the video. Video must be cut well and dynamic shots varied. It will be important that you show the unique design of the crystal being in contact with the body when worn and use good lighting to show the unique inclusions and sparkle of the crystals.

Aspect Ratio:

9x16 for reels, it is essential that any text on the screen is in the top 2/3 of the video. All music must be taken from the TikTok commercial library to avoid copyright issues.


Would need to be kept to 30 seconds.


Instagram and TikTok

Do's & Dont's:

Feel free to infuse your personal style and creativity. Our brand values authenticity and genuine user experience. The video must be in high resolution to capture the true essence of the Crystal Amulet. It may be helpful to showcase how you wear the product, perhaps putting on the Amulet and adjusting it. Share your personal experience , how does it feel wearing the crystal against your skin? What emotions or sensations does it evoke? Do you feel more confident, creative or at peace when wearing them?
Highlight the concept of the 'Amulet' a protector, a guide , a source of power. Make sure there is a strong call to action.

Project Specifics:

Remote position , happy for content to be shot in your own environment
1- Scroll Stopping Hook
2- Main Content
3-Call To Action

Deadline: End of this month

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