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Campaign Goal:

Our Eye Cream is packed with high quality ingredients. We want to showcase the product's high-quality ingredients, correct usage, and the incredible benefits it offers to individuals of all skin types. Our eye cream helps people rejuvenate their eyes, combat dehydrated skin, reduce puffiness, and diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

1) Raise Awareness: Increase awareness about our Eye Cream and its benefits.
2) Educate Consumers: Provide information on how to use the product effectively.
3) Drive Sales: Encourage product purchases through CTAs.
4) Engage with Customers: Foster engagement through UGC and testimonials.

Content Inspo:
Good Hook : “Say goodbye to tired eyes”
Nice close ups of product and amount of product on fingertip
Nice to have a Before and after comparison
States that a little amount goes a long way
Instant effects highlighted
Unique take - creator is asking herself questions about eye cream then replying
Speaks about texture while demoing it on back of hand
Nice imagery of patting the eye cream onto skin (We want gentle patting or massaging the product)
Before and after difference is also very helpful
Love that the product is being held up in front of face while applying
Would prefer a voiceover +/- some text
Good close ups of face and eyes
Nice imagery of product in front of face
Nice imagery of what product looks like on back of hand
Great imagery showing the amount of product you dispense on finger tip
Also uses the product on smile lines /fine lines around the mouth

Aspect Ratio:

9x16 Reels & TikTok


Between 30 - 60 seconds


Instagram, Facebook, TikTok

Do's & Dont's:

1. Speak in video or do a voiceover.
2. Gently pat/massage product around the eye area.
3. Speak about product Benefits.
4. Include a Hook and a CTA.

We do not want a video that is 100% faceless.
Do not have other brands in videos please.

Project Specifics:

Showcase yourself using the product during skincare routine. It can be used in the AM and PM as step 4 of your skincare routine (before moisturizer). See linked TikToks for ideas.

Type of video:
Day in the life
How to use
Amount of product you use/How little you have to use

Key benefits:

Irish Skincare Brand.
Vegan cruelty free.
High quality ingredients.
The eye cream can be used on nasolabial folds and deep lines on the forehead.
Instantly hydrates the eye area.

Potential imagery/Shots you can include:

Unboxing/close ups of the product coming out of the box.
Close ups of the product being dispensed on finger tip.
Both index fingers being placed together to show how to evenly spread the product.
Close ups of the eye.
Close up of patting/ massaging product under eye and around eye lid.
Any excess product can also be used on smile lines or and lines on forehead lines.

We are happy to discuss further and give more information. Let us know if you have any questions!

Deadline: 2 weeks - Can discuss further with creator

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