Showcasing a Microdermabrasion Tool

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Website SkinKrush

Results driven beauty - Created by expert skincare nurses

Campaign Goal:

Really want to showcase how safe, effective and easy to use this tool is. Need this content ready to publish before the Friday 6th of October.

Content Inspo:

Before & Afters. How to use the tool. Show the filter after using, this is very impactful visually. Show how you can scan the QR code to see directions for use. "Oh wow, my skin feels so amazing afterwards" "my makeup is sitting so much better now" "I can't believe what came out of my skin". Looking for wow factor, and results shown. Love the HiSmile content style, for the wow factor that comes with it.
The style of content should recognise how clinical & effective this device is.

Aspect Ratio:



Max 30 Seconds


Instagram & TikTok

Do's & Dont's:

Things to include: Device is safe easy to use at home. Designed by Irish skincare nurses, exfoliation, great for removing blackheads open pores improves skin texture, remove streaky tan- great primer for makeup- can be used anywhere on the body- good for backne. Shape of the device is really easy to use - and the filter must be mentioned.
Can be bought in McCabe’s

Project Specifics:

YOU MUST WATCH THE VIDEOS ON HOW TO USE THE TOOL. This content is supposed to show followers how to correctly use the tool, so it's essential that you are following the instructions within the QR code to a Tee.
Skin Krush is the brand and microdermabrasion is the tool.

Deadline: see campaign goal

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