Content creation for the shower filter for hard water

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Website Vibe hair products LTD

Real solution for real hair problems developed by a working hair

Campaign Goal:

To showcase the shower filter, to draw attention to the fact that most irish households have hard water or mineral issues in the water which negatively affects our hair and skin

Content Inspo:

clear crisp content showing how to use and also highlighting common issues that people have that they might not associate with or realise is due to hard water. This includes brittle or dry hair, oily roots crispy ends, brassy hair, fast colour fade, a heavy feeling on the hair, dull and lacking shine despite using good products. Common skin issues include psoriasis, dry skin, bumps on the back of the arms, itchy tight feeling after showering

Aspect Ratio:

instagram reel


15-30 seconds



Do's & Dont's:

Everything that i've mentioned above regarding common signs of hard water

Project Specifics:

clear crisp video style

Deadline: asap
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