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Real solution for real hair problems developed by a working hair

Campaign Goal:

I want brand awareness and sales from this campaign. I want to show the different uses and features of the brush that people can relate to common issues and potential uses of the brush. A chatty engaging video style

Content Inspo:

I like clear crisp videos with good lighting.

Aspect Ratio:

reel and static post


15-30 seconds



Do's & Dont's:

the ultimate brush is an all round hero brush. Perfect for detangling wet or dry hair. the dual bristles get right through the thickest of hair. the curve of the brush means that the brush glides oves the shape of th head giving a massage like feeling. It's perfect for a quick smooth blowdry. The large vents and the aluminium strip down the centre of the brush is what sets it apart from competitors and will smooth and seal the cuticle for a quick,smooth shiny blowdry. It's also gorgeous for brushing out curls for a voluminous finish.

Project Specifics:

soft neutral aethetics if it's a static post but just clear and bright for a video

Deadline: asap
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