5 Reasons Your Clients are Booking With Your Competitors

We have all been there before… 

Tapping through Instagram Stories and we notice our long time client has tagged another Salon… It feels like you have been cheated on! But trust us, there are a number of reasons clients decide to go elsewhere. We are going to outline some potential reasons but also guide you through the secret to client retention.

1. Your team are not prompting them to rebook before they leave your salon.

Your client should not leave without booking their next treatment. If they don’t know their schedule, ask them to book now and reschedule later if they need to. Your front desk should portray your schedule as busy. There’s no incentive to rebook if your calendar is wide open.

⚠️Take the time to set up clear rebooking guidelines and train all your staff on the importance of rebooking each and every client.

2. You and your staff are not making personal connections with clients.

The last thing You want your client to feel like is “just another customer” and you certainly don’t want your salon to seem like a conveyor belt! 

⚠️Chatting with your client and building a connection will make them feel valued, and it helps them trust you and feel more invested in your success.

3. It’s too much trouble to schedule an appointment.

For today’s clientele it IS a pain to have to phone the salon to book an appointment. An online booking system is a MUST. 

⚠️We recommend our friends at Phorest salon software, or Fresha for a budget friendly option.

4. Another salon has caught their eye on Instagram. 

You have to stay at the forefront of your clients mind. Make sure you are showing your face on socials and staying active with behind the scene content!

⚠️You can also use email marketing to remind your clients that you’re standing by to make them look and feel great.

5. You don’t offer enough services or products.

The broader a service menu you offer your clients, the better the chances you can retain their business on an ongoing basis. This will dissuade them from having to book elsewhere for other treatments! 

⚠️In a world where the salon market is so saturated and there is an abundance of alternatives for your clients, it is so important that you go the extra mile 🙌🏻

If you need help with your Social Media Presence, we are here to help! Just drop us an email at hello@thecreativesociety.ie

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