All You Need To Know About The Trading Online Voucher

Why does your business even need a website?

It’s easy to say “oh I get all my clients through word of mouth” or “I am on social media, that’s enough for me”. But will that continue to be enough? The digital landscape is ever-changing but having your own website means you have a corner of the internet to call your own. Having a website also allows your business to be more discoverable as well as creating a professional presence. First impressions are everything and a website will help you to make a great one.

The Trading Online Voucher is a scheme run by the Local Enterprise Office in Ireland which grants successful applicants up to €2,500 towards a website or other digital improvements in their business.

The idea behind the voucher is to encourage more businesses to trade online and to grow their income possibilities. 

To be successfully approved for the voucher, your business must:

  • have less than 10 employees
  • currently have a turnover of less than €2m
  • have limited or no e-commerce presence
  • be trading for more than 6 months
  • be located in the area of the LEO you are applying to
Vouchers can be used towards:
  • website design or updates
  • adding booking system or payment system to your website
  • digital marketing
  • social media marketing
  • search engine optimisation

Businesses who have availed of a voucher previously are eligible to apply for a second voucher should they need further enhancements to their online presence.

The Creative Society’s team of website developers are ready to work on your website and to build the online presence your business deserves. We are happy to work with you through your TOV application and provide all necessary paperwork for you to claim your voucher. Get in touch or read more about our website design process.

If you would like to find out more about this voucher and to find out if you are eligible, contact your Local Enterprise Office to take the first step in your application. 

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  1. Anna Murphy

    Hi, can I get more information for online voucher regards what ye can do if I got? I have online booking system.

    Many thanks Anna

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