Christmas Content 2022

Okay, we know it’s early to be mentioning the ‘C’ word but every business owner knows how overwhelmingly quickly Christmas comes along & steals the spotlight. Suddenly you’re adding red bows & glitter to everything trying to keep up. 
This year is different. We are going to be prepared so you can really embrace the silly season with little stress. 

Here are 10 Christmas content ideas you can start creating now & keep in your content bank all ready to post as soon as its ‘socially acceptable’ to mention Christmas.

  1. Show Off Your Past Christmas Photos.
    Get your staff involved & start a ‘guess who’ game with Christmas photos from when they were younger.
  2. Get organised to spread the Christmas spirit. Partner with a local business in your area to create something magical such as an event or charity sponsorship.
  3. Christmas-themed This or That story sets
    You can have these completely random or cater them for your niche. Some examples.. 
  4. Christmas & New Years’ Opening hours
    Top Tip: Start posting these as soon as you can & use (FOMO – fear of missing out) to encourage your followers to start booking & buying early.
  5. Have a Canva template ready to populate for last-minute information such as cancelled appointments or information you would like your customer to know as soon as possible. Help yourself out now instead of later when you have a million other things to be doing.
  6. Start thinking about what you would like to promote as stocking fillers. Usually, these are  small, less expensive items.
  7. If you have the capacity & time, offer something personalised such as a little personalised note or gift wrapping. Create reels or pictures as examples of this for your socials to get the word out.
  8. Give your followers a guide to buying
    People love examples, put together a gift guide for ‘Him/Her/Mom/Dad’ but also think outside the box such as ‘the perfect gift for your ‘Co-Worker/Teacher’ etc. If you are putting gift boxes together always include savings to give people more of an incentive to buy.
  9. Black Friday & Cyber Monday
    You don’t have to give into the pressure of discounting heavily, instead why not add value for your customers such as some free samples or a free consultation? Get a bit creative with this one & start brainstorming.
  10. Thanksgiving post
    Your customers are the reason you have your business. Don’t forget to thank your loyal customers for supporting you & wish them a Merry Christmas.

We hope this will help with coming up with a strategy for your Christmas content for your business.  If you would like any more tips & ideas why not book a social media strategy session with us. To enquire contact us at!

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