Content Ideas Your Business Can Implement Today!

You’ve finally carved out some time to create content for your business… but where do you start?

Thinking about your content and brainstorming ideas can become a tedious and frustrating chore which can lead you to put it on the long finger time and time again. We’re here to change that!

Content creation can be a fun, creative process once you get a good structure and plan in place. Here are some content ideas to get the ball rolling on your content planning.

#1 Teach

Solve a problem in 3 steps: Address a problem your target might face and solve it in 3 steps. Showcase your product/treatment knowledge and prove to your audience that you are the professional they need.

Share a useful technique: Teach your audience a new way to do something eg. rolling the skin or an easy-to-do hairstyle.

Share how you complete a task: Share your morning/night routine, how you prepare for the day, blowdry tutorial etc. Teach what you know.

#2 Inspire

Share a lesson you have learned: Whether in business or in life, share something you have learned along the way.

Show what’s possible with hard work and determination: In life or business or even just what can be achieved when a client commits to a haircare or skincare routine.

#3 Sell

Share a product/service you love: Create content around your favourite products and services that you offer. Genuinely share what you love and people will trust your opinion.

Share information about your salon/business: Share and reshare policies, procedures, opening hours and other bits of information that new followers and clients need to be aware of.

If in doubt, create content that you yourself like to see and enjoy creating. It will begin to feel like much less of a chore if you enjoy the process of content creation. Get your team involved and get brainstorming ideas together.

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