Building an Engaged Audience.

Do you feel like your social media followers just simply are not engaging with your content or you’re merely not growing an audience? Of course, this can leave you feeling unmotivated & underwhelmed to create new, fresh content when you’re just not seeing the results. Don’t worry we are here to help! Sometimes it just takes a few simple steps to grasp your follower’s attention…

Reintroduce yourself every so often with a ‘Hi, It’s me!’ post or pop on your stories for a chat. People love to see the face behind the brand. This makes things more personal as people will know who they are engaging with & your audience will feel more connected to your brand as a whole. This will not only remind your followers of who you are but will also be a great introduction for new followers who may not have seen you before. Save an ‘About me‘ section on your social media for new & old followers to find when they pop onto your page.

Now that you have read how much people appreciate personalisation, we would also like to mention another critical way of building an engaged audience: photographs. Photographs help us communicate a lot better than text. Include a mix of both personal & work-related photographs on your social media feed. If you have a team, why not include a ‘get to know’ the team, while also including a picture of the team member. High-quality photographs are always important when promoting a product or service but don’t be afraid to pop up some pictures taken on your phone and encourage your team to do the same. Professional photoshoots look incredible but due to social media being such a fast pace environment, the content only lasts so long. This will make having content so much easier still leave your social media page looking amazing!

Last but not least, consistency. The secret to staying on the good side of ANY social media algorithm is to stay consistent. Always be at the forefront of your follower’s minds. You don’t have to post every day but do treat social media as importantly as you treat the rest of the tasks you must get done in your business and don’t just push it aside to the ‘when I have time’ list. We all know that list can be endless.

Engaged audiences share their experience on social media – they become your brand ambassadors; creating buzz, attracting new clients/customers to your business, and building referrals and interest for any future events that you may have. Building an engaged audience takes time but we promise if you follow these steps & be patient you will reap the rewards.

Finding it hard to keep up with your business’s social media? We got you.. Here at The Creative Society, we love social media so much we would love to look after yours as well! Everyone has to stick to what they’re good at in order to achieve maximum results, that is why we offer social media management so you don’t have to stress about your socials & stick to being a boss babe. If this sounds like something you are in need of for your business, get in touch today.

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